John Bishop’s British Relationships

20 Feb

According to the Liverpudlian stand up comedian what you really need for a lasting relationship is a good bit of comedy, and to make a good bit of comedy you need to have had experience of a hardworking relationship.

Re-run last night on the BBC was John Bishop’s Britain, talking about love, marriage and relationships, and got me thinking , the random vox pops of celebs, cage fighters and kids gave a round-about review of how to make a relationship last a lifetime. According  to the show, you need plenty of credit on your mobile, not act like an arrogant ass in front of the girlfriends/boyfriends parents and put a bit of thought into the first date.

Bishop shared his unique comedic take on issues surrounding all of us today and in this particular episode, shares his own experiences of a rocky relationship which left the audience hanging on every punch line and hoping he wasnt a bitter  old comic, and that there was actually some light at the end of the tunnel. There was.

As there was for the variety of guest speakers. From well-known celebrities to the general public they helped Bishop on his turbulent tale of British Love and Marriage and painted an up-beat comedic reflection, just like Bishop’s stand up act. Ok, so every story isn’t perfect, every single person’s outlook wasnt the chipper chit-chat of the high school sweethearts but they still managed an ironic giggle when reflecting on sadder times.

Even the long-term committed couples needed a few quips to get them through some of their years together. But all the awkward, embarrassing, unfortunate memories seemed to slip away with a punchline and a few laughs. Just goes to show that comedy has probably saved couples from a few of those annoying arguments!


2 Responses to “John Bishop’s British Relationships”

  1. Natasha August 6, 2011 at 9:16 pm #

    I am absolutely loving John Bishop’s new series. His comedy is observational, relevant and honest. There’s no bad language and being of a similar age his comedy really resonates. His honest and open delivery makes him a likeable character and a pleasure to watch. The sketches are great and I love the comments from ‘ordinary’ people. Please BBC commission a second series, it’s about time we had some decent non-offensive comedy on our screens.

    • bethanjvevans November 30, 2011 at 11:09 am #

      Thanks for your comment Natasha, i agree! His work is so in tune with the British public. Feel free to share some of your favourite episodes!

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